• Image of Tikiyaki Orchestra - "Tropika" CD

The Tikiyaki Orchestra’s fifth CD. Greetings from TROPIKA!

Greetings from TROPIKA! The Tikiyaki Orchestra’s fifth a CD is a soundtrack with many interpretations. Sometimes, an idyllic paradise. Sometimes, a place of danger and intrigue. The jetsetter, the beachbum, the lounge lizard, the international man of mystery, the alluring wahine, the soldier, and the suave - they all co-exist in Tropika, represented by their own musical escape. Enjoy your stay!

• Limited edition CD (Shop Tikiyaki exclusive), Gatefold package with exclusive art by SHAG

The Tikiyaki Orchestra’s long awaited 5th CD, “TROPIKA” continues the unique sonic escape of Exotica, lounge, spy, surf and crime jazz that Tikiyaki is well known for.

Tracks :

1. Bombs Away !
2. Walkabout
3. Space Tango
4. The Outbreak
5. En Flambe’
6. The Boobam Song
7. Espionage-a-trois
8. Rumba in the Jungle
9. Hotel St Serenade
10 A South Pacific Sojourn
11. Ua Tropika