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Fuzzbubble - "Demos, out-takes and rarities” -
A collection of the earliest recordings, out-take tracks from the debut album, and various other singles and demos.

"Pick any track from this ample collection and it could be a radio-ready single. While on the whole less raucous than the fare on their debut (with guitars not polished to the same level of crunch), this collection gives an even better exposure to the skills of the individual band members and the melodic songwriting talents of Jim Bacchi. I defy you not to sing along. Fuzzbubble are a too well kept secret; one hopes Demos, Out-Takes and Rarities will change that.
Fans of Jellyfish, Cheap Trick, and Redd Kross take note. The kind of exciting melodic power pop you thought was gone still lives. Fuzzbubble gives you sixteen tracks as emphatic proof here — now please spread the word.” - Pop Matters