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Fuzzbubble "Cult Stars From Mars CD

Fuzzbubble - “Cult Stars From Mars” blends all the great elements of powerpop, classic 70’s style rock, and…of course…
Beatle elements. Crunch, punch and an overabundance of catchy melodies, with the addition of some classic sounding keys,….
something the original Fuzzbubble sound didn’t really utilize,… give the album a nice sonic palette,
while still maintaining their penchant for hooky melodies and choruses.

While the 3 minute, super catchy powerpop template is the band’s bread and butter (“Funny Face”, “Dragonfly Pt II”) ,
they find themselves wandering outside that box into a bit more epic sound, on “The Window”,
as well as the title track, which goes deep into a classic glitter-era Bowie meets Wings vibe ….
There’s a lot going on style-wise, yet they still keep a cohesive sound to the album. Variety is a good thing, and there’s a good amount of it here.
The one things that never gets sacrificed is the catchiness….
After all, it’s all about the songs.

Future Primitive records
Release date : Nov 20, 2022
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Mark DiCarlo - Lead Vocals, guitars
Jim Bacchi - Guitars, bass, keys, vocals
Jason Camiolo - Drums, bass, keys, vocals
Special Guests Appearances :
Brett Rothfeld - Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums
Kevin Kelly -Drums
Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals
Darian Sajanaja - Keyboards
Chip z’Nuff - Vocals
Melody Portnoy - Vocals